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Silicone Baby Teethers

Row + Me makes our own signature silicone baby teethers. We use silicone beads and beech wood that are safe for your baby, and great for teething due to their durable nature. Our silicone is certified to be 100% food grade silicone and safe for babies to chew on. It’s durable and will stay perfectly intact even for the most aggressive teething baby! Row + Me silicone baby teethers are the best teethers you’ll find due to the high quality of our products and the safety of our products!

What are silicone baby teethers?

Row + Me makes different types of baby teethers, but our most popular product is a silicone baby teether. In the picture above is a Row + Me personalized silicone teether rattle from our Gray Dinosaur Teether collection. This teether uses a wide mixture of our silicone beads including the following:

  • Silicone round beads
  • Silicone hexagon beads
  • Silicone letter beads
  • Wood hexagon beads
  • Wood round rings

This wide mixture of bead types for our silicone baby teether rattle is purposefully crafted to maximize its usefulness and fun! The different shapes and textures will help your teething baby safely use their new senses. Since every aspect is safe to chew on, it’s fantastic for a teething baby! The wood rings and wood hexagon beads make it a fun baby rattle too! Lastly, since we can personalize silicone teethers, we can make any design you want! Our baby rattles make fantastic baby shower gifts, baby announcement props, and also great 1st birthday gifts!

While our silicone rattles are one of our premium teething products, we also offer other fun teethers! Above are our Freezer Teethers. This silicone baby teether is made of only silicone beads which makes it safe to put in the freezer. The silicone will not actually freeze which means it’s still safe to chew on! What happens is the silicone will cool down significantly and help provide a cold soothing feeling for your baby’s gums.

Silicone Baby Teether Pendants

In addition to fun baby rattles and teethers made from silicone beads, we offer silicone baby teether pendants! These are baby teethers also made of 100% food grade silicone, just like our beads. This means they are 100% safe to chew on and super durable! You can bend, drop, step on these pendants and they are unlikely to sustain any damage – this makes them great to take with your baby out on the go! They are super easy to clean too, making them a great teething toy.

Another great feature about the silicone pendants is we can turn them into a product we call silicone baby teething rings! Pictured above is our llama teething ring which is our silicone llama pendant attached to a string of silicone round beads, silicone hexagon beads, a wood hexagon bead, and lastly a wood round ring.

Our baby silicone teething rings are a popular product since they are just so cute! They also offer our wide range of beads which are great for your teething baby to learn new sensations safely. We offer many different combinations of these teethers, but you can always request customization. Row + Me is happy to help you make the perfect silicone baby teether, so send us a message to request customization!

Are you ready to find the best silicone baby teether for your baby? Check out the Row + Me shop! Leave a comment below to let us know what you think of our teethers.

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