Baby Teether Safety Tips

Baby teether safety is our absolute top priority when making our products. Not only to keep your baby safe, but also ours! We created Row + Me because our baby boy Rowan absolutely loves chewing everything, so we wanted to make something that is completely safe for him to chew. We have passed CPSC safety testing so our teethers have been determined safe for use with your loved little ones! Please continue reading about additional details for the products we use as well as some general safety tips.

The silicone we use comes with the following qualifications: 100% Food Grade Silicone, BPA Free, 100% Non-toxic and Odorless, FDA Approved, Lead Free, PVC Free, Mercury Free, Phthalates Free, CE CertifiedSGS ApprovedCCPSA ApprovedLFGB Approved.

The wood we use is a mix of either unfinished or beech wood, just natural wood. It’s sanded down to be smooth and completely safe for a baby to chew on.

If you ever see or suspect any damage to ANY of the silicone, wood, string, clips, or other parts we recommend you dispose of the product immediately.

Your baby should always be supervised while using any of our products. You should always supervise your baby while they are playing with any toy. Do not leave any teethers, rattles, toys, or anything not approved by your doctor with your baby while they sleep.

Do not freeze any products of ours that contains wood. Freezing wood can make it brittle and susceptible to splintering. Do not submerge any wood in water as this can cause it to lose some of its smoothness. Spot clean wood only.

To clean any of our silicone products, wash with baby safe soap and rinse. For fastest results, lay out to dry in front of a fan. For products that are a mix of silicone and wood, cover the wood while washing the silicone beads and then spot clean the wood with only a small amount of water and rubbing.

Following these baby teether safety tips will keep your Row + Me teether in great condition for years!

If you have any questions or concerns, send us a message on our contact form and we’ll be happy to respond!