Personalized Teethers By Row + Me

Row + Me offers a lot of unique personalized teethers you can order for your baby! With a wide selection of silicone beads to choose from, you can design your own personalized teether to be a unique one of a kind custom teether.

Personalized Teether Options

We have close to 50 unique silicone & wood bead options. When customizing your teether, you can choose the silicone hexagon colors, the silicone round bead colors, what silicone letters you want the personalized name to be (the letter beads come in white bead/black lettering or black bead with white lettering and are all silicone), and you can also decide if you want any round wood beads. 

With all of these personalized options to create a custom teether, you can make your baby’s teether a unique one of a kind gift.

Baby Girl Personalized Teethers

If you’re looking for inspiration on what makes a great baby girl personalized teether, we have some examples to show!

One of Row + Me‘s most popular baby girl personalized teethers is our rainbow style. We use different colored silicone hexagon and silicone round beads to make a fantastic rainbow teether! You can buy this through our Design Your Own Teether Custom listing. If you like the rainbow teether style, you can also check out our rainbow teether collection.

Some other really popular baby girl teether designs include our confetti, rose gold, and leopard teethers. Each of these designs also have their own teether collections which you can find linked to the images. The confetti beads are all silicone as well and are so unique, they really make a custom teether shine. You can choose from hexagon or round confetti beads. The rose gold bead combination is a classic look. Our leopard beads are so much fun and perfect for a baby girl who likes to rock leopard outfits! You can get our leopard beads in hexagon or round silicone.

Baby Boy Personalized Teethers

If you’re looking for a baby boy personalized teether, you’ll find Row + Me has many fun options too! While a mixture of solid colors is always a classic good looking choice, we have unique prints and some sports related beads too. 

Without a doubt, our most popular baby boy personalized teether is our football teether. You can choose to make a football team themed one, or add your baby boy’s name.

Some other popular custom boy teethers include using our following bead types: basketball, cow, and camo beads! Just like our football teethers, you can use our basketball beads to make a personalized teether for any of your favorite professional or college basketball teams! 

Baby Boy Personalized Teether Basketball Silicone Teether
Personalized Teethers Cow Beads Silicone

As you can see, there are millions of ways for you to create a custom and personalized baby teether from Row + Me. If you really love one of these designs, we also offer many of them in what we call teether collections. If you purchase a whole teether collection, we give a big discount versus buying each piece individually. 

If you don’t see a personalized teether option here that fits exactly what you’re looking for, no problem! You can always Contact Us directly through our contact form. Just tell us exactly what you’re looking for and we can create your own unique one of a kind custom teether!

Personalized Baby Shower Gift

We know it’s not always easy to find a great baby shower gift since the big box stores all seem to carry similar items. We can promise that your thoughtful baby shower gift using one of our personalized teethers will stand out and be one of the best gifts and one of the most memorable (as well as most useful!) Every baby struggles with teething, so why not help them go through teething pains in style?!

1st Birthday Gift

Another great idea that has been popular with our customers is to buy one of our personalized teethers as a 1st birthday gift! This can work especially well if you’re aware of the theme of the birthday party. Does the birthday girl love leopard clothes or bright colors? We have options for that! Is the birthday boy a huge football fan? We can customize any football team teether just for them!

With all of the available silicone bead options, you can create millions of combinations, and it’s always fun to know you have a unique baby boutique item! Feel free to click around our site and view our shop for any inspiration you might need to design your own personalized teether today!

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