Best Boy Teethers

We are a little partial to baby boy teethers since our first born is a boy. Row + Me offers a wide range of the best boy teethers for sale, so be sure to browse our shop to view our wide selection of fun, cute, and safe teethers. Here are our best baby boy teethers that Rowan enjoys, and we know your boy will too.

Silicone Dinosaur Teether

Our silicone dinosaur teether pendants are one of our best boy teethers and top sellers. They’re super cute, soft, safe to chew and fun to play with! Our dino teethers come in blue, mint, and gray. We also offer our dinosaur teethers on a string of silicone beads that we call our Dino Teething Rings. If you’re looking for a whole boy teething set, we offer our dino teethers as a whole collection. This collection includes a teething ring, themed pacifier clip, customized teething rattle, and a silicone freezer teether.

We’ve had nothing but amazing feedback from customers, so we think it’s safe to say this is one of the best boy teethers available to buy today!

Ice Cream Bar Teether

The silicone ice cream bar teether ring is one of our most fun products. It’s a fun and cute ice cream bar with a bite taken out of it! It is so cute watching a baby boy chew on one. The long shape makes it very easy to grab, and the fun colored silicone beads really round out the look of this silicone teether. When you buy this cute teether, the compliments you’ll get will let you know this is definitely one of the best baby boy teethers.

One of our newest items are our silicone camo beads! You won’t find boy teethers anywhere else like these! You can buy our camo teethers as an entire collection, or separately. We can make custom boy teethers such as a personalized teether rattle, a silicone freezer teether, or a camo pacifier clip.

Football Teethers

We all know boys love football, so we made football teethers! We can make custom football teething toys as rattles, freezer teethers, pacifier clips, and more. These football teethers are super fun and cute since have silicone football beads. You won’t find these unique custom teething toy styles anywhere else, we promise that! Check out our football teethers to see all of the options. Don’t see your team? Send us a message and we’ll gladly work with you to create the perfect football teether for your baby boy.

We can make sports team teethers for any sport as well, not just football! Row + Me carries a large range of silicone bead colors for our silicone round beads and silicone hexagon beads. We also use the finest beech wood for our wood items such as the wood hexagons and wood rings. Beech wood is a great choice for a baby teether since it is safe to chew, naturally antibacterial, and can take normal wear and tear our baby boys put their toys through!

Custom Boy Teethers

If you don’t see the exact boy teether you’re looking for in our boy teether category, contact us with what you’re looking for and we’ll help you create the perfect teething toy! We’re able to personalize any teether to add your baby boy’s name or initials. We have a Create Your Own Teether product as well where you can pick your wood teether shape and colors. A large mix of options lets you create the perfect custom boy teether for your little one.

Boy Pacifier Clips/Teethers

Lastly, we also offer boy pacifier clips that include our food grade silicone beads so your baby doesn’t lose his pacifier, and can also have a teether on the go that is clipped to him safely. We offer a wide range of boy pacifier clips with many mixed into our collections, so go check out the Row + Me Shop to find the perfect boy teether today!

Let us know in the comments what your favorite Row + Me boy teether is! Also let us know if you have any suggestions for new styles or color combos, we love to create new teethers for our amazing customers!

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