Baby Teething Remedies

As a mom of a boy whose teeth all seem to be coming in at once, I fully understand the need to find baby teething remedies that work and work fast! I made Row + Me to create baby teething products that are safe, fun, and effective to help soothe teething babies. Row + Me teethers come in many styles to help your teething baby in different ways.

Silicone Baby Teething Remedies

My best tip for finding the perfect baby teether to help your teething baby is to find something they can easily hold themselves. When a baby is capable of helping to soothe themselves, it’s fun for them and an effective teething remedy. 

Row + Me makes teethers from 100% food grade silicone which means our teethers are perfectly safe for your baby to chew on! Silicone is BPA free, PVC free, safe to chew on, but also soft. It’s one of the best baby toys that also helps with teething!

How Silicone Teethers Help Soothe

Our Row + Me silicone teethers help soothe teething babies because the silicone beads are safe to chew on. While the beads are soft and squishy, they also are strong and your baby’s teeth will not damage it. The silicone bead will return back to normal after each bite! Our teethers are made super safe that a body builder cannot pull a teether apart, so you can be certain your baby can’t either!

We make teethers in different styles that offer different remedies.

Silicone Teether Rattle

Our silicone teether rattle is a great teething remedy for many reasons. It is easy for your baby to hold, it has fun silicone beads to chew on, and it also has natural wood rings that are also safe to chew on. Row + Me offers custom teether options too so you can put your baby’s name on a rattle made of silicone letter beads that are also safe to chew on! Every item of a Row + Me silicone teether rattle will help remedy your baby’s aching teeth and gums plus it’s fun to shake and play with! No better way to make a teething soother also a fun baby toy!

Silicone Freezer Teether

Our Row + Me silicone freezer teethers are especially great baby teething remedies. Made of our round silicone beads and a bigger silicone bead for extra chomping. These freezer teethers can be put into your freezer to help cool the silicone beads safely. The teether will come out cold, but still easily held with bare skin. The cold will help soothe your baby’s gums and is easy for them to hold.

Unlike other baby freezer teether items that are full of water, your baby can continue to chew on a Row + Me freezer teether even after it returns to room temperature and can be cooled down again quickly! These teethers are very easy to clean as well!

Unique Teething Remedies

Row + Me has all sorts of fun colors to use for our teethers, so we’re able to make many custom teethers. We have football beads, basketball beads, white silicone letters, black silicone letters, and more! We are able to customize so much to make the perfect teether to help be the best baby teething remedy!

Send us a message to get started on your custom teether today!

Silicone Pendants

Row + Me offers silicone pendants for sale that are made of 100% food grade silicone and fantastic options for teething babies. These can also be tossed into the freezer to cool them down. We have dozens of silicone pendants for sale, find the perfect one for your baby!

More Teething Remedy Tips

Another product we’ve found to be quite useful is Wink Teething Gel. This gel helps provide a cooling sensation to your baby’s teeth and gums to provide some relief. You can also toss it in the fridge to add some more physical coolness to it!

If your baby likes to chomp on anything that goes into their mouth (such as your finger), you can apply this teething gel to one of our teethers to help soothe their gums. A cold freezer teether + cold teething gel = soothed baby!

Do you have more teething remedies that have worked well for your baby? Let us know in the comments below!

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