Baby Silicone Teethers And Their Benefits

Baby silicone teethers are safe and can be one of the best products to buy for your teething baby. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying silicone teethers:

  1. Silicone is safe and soft to chew on repeatedly to soothe your baby’s gums
  2. Silicone teethers are easy to clean
  3. The variety of textures and shapes help your baby to learn
  4. Can help improve fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and grip strength
  5. High entertainment value, babies love silicone teethers
  6. Easy to travel with, put in a diaper bag, take on a trip, or have a few spares around the house
  7. Versatile, silicone can be frozen safely and used as a freezer teether for extra soothing
  8. Silicone teethers are ADORABLE! With the many different styles available, they can be a fashion accessory for your baby
Some things you should consider before buying a silicone teether:
  1. Is the seller CPSC certified? You should only purchase from shops that can prove they have passed child safety testing. Great news, Row + Me teethers have been CPSC tested and are safe for your baby.
  2. Does your seller have good reviews and feedback? If a seller doesn’t have stellar reviews, avoid them! You only want the highest quality for your baby. Row + Me has 100% feedback from thousands of customers!
As you can see there are quite a few benefits to silicone teethers and some tips on how to find the right teether shop to buy from. Take a look at the silicone pendants we offer in our shop!

What Is A Silicone Teether Made Of?

Silicone Teethers And Their Benefits

A silicone teether is a generic term and can refer to several teething products. Pictured above are what we call our silicone pendants. These silicone teethers are made of 100% food grade silicone. It’s the same material used in many silicone products used in the kitchen, including food storage containers, spatulas, utensils, etc. It is completely safe, non-toxic, and a great product for teething. 

Some other types of silicone teethers include teething rings, such as this mint dinosaur teether.

Mint Dinosaur Teething Ring Silicone Wood

Or we can make whole collections of our silicone teethers such as this fun unicorn donut collection.

Unicorn Donut Teether Collection Silicone Wood Teethers

Are Silicone Teethers Safe For Babies?

Yes, silicone teethers are safe for babies. We have noticed some articles and notices posted saying silicone teethers are dangerous for babies due to choking hazards. We must be clear that this is an overly cautious warning and does not properly categorize all teething products correctly. Row + Me takes teether safety and teether quality very seriously as this company was founded to make safe teethers for our baby boy Rowan.

Teethers made by Row + Me are guaranteed to use the highest quality teething products. Silicone is the best material to help teething babies since it’s soft, easy to care for, can be frozen, and fun to chew on for babies. Please keep reading the next few paragraphs to see all of our safety information regarding our silicone teethers.

The silicone we use comes with the following qualifications: 100% Food Grade Silicone, BPA Free, 100% Non-toxic and Odorless, FDA Approved, Lead Free, PVC Free, Mercury Free, Phthalates Free, CE CertifiedSGS ApprovedCCPSA ApprovedLFGB Approved

100% food grade silicone means the silicone is rated as safe for use with any products that will be in contact with our mouths. The silicone industry is growing every year since silicone is non-toxic and useful to many industries, including the medical field. Click here to learn more about the safety of silicone.

The main teething products that are being warned against are teething necklaces and anything that stays attached to a baby while they sleep. We absolutely must stress that you do not let your baby sleep with anything attached to them, or let them sleep with toys. You should always supervise your baby any time they’re playing with any toy. As with any baby toy, there is a possibly for an item to become damaged and should be discarded immediately. For more information on our specific products, visit our teether care and safety page. Row + Me has passed CPSC Safety testing with our different teethers. We safety test our teethers past their guidelines as well and are confident in our quality! We started this company by making teethers for our own babes, nieces, and nephews, so safety and quality is our number 1 priority. Our thousands of 100% reviews across platforms shows all of our customers are satisfied as well.

Will Silicone Teethers Fall Apart?

None of the Row + Me silicone teethers have ever fallen apart. If you’re buying from a CPSC safety tested seller, it is very unlikely that silicone teethers would come apart, and we have not had a single instance of this happening ever. We not only make these products for your little babe, but also ours! Our son, Rowan, who the company was named after, is our biggest product tester. So rest assured we would never put him in harms way, nor anyone else’s precious child.



We double, triple, quadruple safety check every product we create. We ensure our strings and knots are tight, our silicone is free of defects, and that our wood products are smooth. We then package them up in bubble mailers to protect them during shipping. Even with all the crazy stuff packages go through during the delivery process, short of the package being run over by a truck, it’ll arrive in perfect condition to your mailbox (and even then silicone is so durable, it might still be ok!).



We’ve strength tested our silicone teethers, so far we haven’t found a human that was capable of pulling one apart, so rest assured your little babe won’t be able to either (even though they also have amazing grip strength!) Don’t believe us? Give one a tug yourself when you receive it. If it breaks, we’ll give you a full refund (we haven’t had to refund anyone yet). Reminder though: teethers aren’t indestructible. Normal wear and tear will happen just like any baby toy, so if you ever see any damage, please dispose of it immediately.

How Long Do Silicone Teethers Last?

As with any toy or object in your baby’s reach, you should always inspect teethers before use. If you notice any damage, we recommend you dispose of it right away. As long as your silicone teether is still in good shape, it has no expiration. Silicone and wood are quite durable and will last decades if well taken care of. Damage to be on the look out for includes damaged silicone, damaged wood, or frayed strings. While our products are very durable, we still recommend you constantly check any toys your babe plays with for their own safety.

What Is The Right Age To Give Baby Teething Toys

Babies can start teething as soon as 4 months, or as late as 14 months. We recommending the right time to give your baby teething toys is when they start putting everything in their mouth. While you can’t stop them from grabbing for anything and everything, you can at least buy them a silicone teether that you know is safe for them, and something they’ll like! With our customization available, you can even make non-teether items for your baby such as bracelets, backpack clips, etc. Interested in customizing something? Send us a message! 

What Types Of Silicone Teethers Are There

There are many different types of silicone teethers we offer:

  • Silicone round beads only
  • Silicone hexagons only
  • Silicone rounds, hexagons, and wood hexagon combo
  • Silicone teether with rattle rings
  • Silicone teether pendants
  • Personalized Silicone Teethers
  • Freezer Teethers

Any of our products that are all silicone can be put in the freezer. Babies LOVE to put cold items on their gums to help soothe them. The best part is nothing happens after it warms up, it just becomes a regular baby teether at that point!

How Do Silicone Teethers Soothe Babies

Just like when we hurt ourselves, putting pressure on an area of soreness can help relieve some of the discomfort. By chewing and putting pressure on their gums, that helps relieve some of their discomfort. Our freezer teethers also do a great job soothing baby gums since the cold sensation helps remove some of the feeling of irritation.

Babies are impulsive by nature and want to start putting everything in their mouth. If you take an item away they want, they can fuss and throw a bit of a fit as we all know! By providing your baby with something you know is safe to chew on that will soothe their gums and is something you won’t need to take away, a silicone teether can be one of the most effective products to buy to help sooth your teething baby.

How Do Silicone Teethers Help Babies Learn

Almost everything in a young baby’s life is a new experience. By nature, they’re programmed to put their senses to the test by touching, feeling, and yes, putting things in their mouths! We provide many unique features in our line of silicone baby teethers that will safely allow your baby to learn about different senses, feelings, shapes, textures, and noises.

We have different silicone teethers you can buy that have round beads, hexagon beads made of silicone or wood, a wide range of colored silicone beads, uniquely textured wood beads, rattle rings that are fun to shake, a wide variety of unique silicone pendants.

Silicone teethers can also help your baby improve their grip strength as they’re light enough to shake around, but easy to grip. By wanting to grab for them when you’re handing it to them or they drop it, they’re improving their spatial awareness. Lastly, just playing around with something safe all the time will naturally improve their fine motor skills.

With all of these great learning benefits included in one silicone teether that is also safe for your baby, you’d be crazy not to want to buy one today! Check out our current best sellers.

Silicone Teethers And Their Benefits - Conclusion

To sum up this whole article quickly, we think Row + Me silicone teethers offer many benefits to help your teething baby. Row + Me silicone teethers are safe and soft to chew on as we have been properly CPSC safety tested. Teethers are fun for your baby to play with, help them with tactile learning, and really cute! Find the perfect silicone teether to buy for your baby today!

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