Reasons to Buy A Natural Wood Teether

If you’re looking for a unique teething product that also helps keep your baby engaged and entertained, then you might be interested in a Row + Me natural wood teether. We use beech wood and natural unfinished wood so you can be sure they are 100% safe to chew on. One of the first products I made was a natural wooden teether for my baby (a dinosaur) and it’s still one of his favorites.

Row + Me offers a variety of wood animal shapes and color combinations, check our Natural Wood Teether Rattle collections page to see all of the color combinations offered.

Reasons to Buy A Natural Wood Teether

If you’re not sure if a natural wood teether is the right teething product for your baby, we put together a list of reasons that will helpfully ease your mind. Here’s our list of reasons why you should buy your baby a natural wood teether:

  • Beech and natural wood are antimicrobial products by nature, so they’re always safe for babies
  • The wood is durable and safe to chew on
  • Easy to clean off if dropped on the floor
  • Unique textures help to keep them engaged and entertained
  • Improves grip strength by having a unique surface to hold onto and grab
  • Dexterity improves from learning to hold the wood teether in unique ways
  • Fun to play with and shake around
  • Adorable toy that’s fun for everyone to look at

Natural Wood Teether Ingredients

Row + Me only uses the highest quality products in our teethers. We follow the motto “would I give this to my son?” If the answer is ever no or we’re unsure, then we won’t use it for our products. We source high quality, 100% food grade silicone beads. Silicone is naturally safe for humans, and the food grade quality is the same material used for lunch boxes, food containers, etc. Beech wood and natural wood are antimicrobial by nature and are sanded down to be super smooth. Read more about our safety information about for our teething products.

Custom Wood Teethers

Row + Me baby teethers are customizable so you can pick which wooden animal or shape you’d like along with whichever color combination you like. There are 196 unique wood teether combinations for you to pick from! Visit our shop to create your own custom wood teether. A custom wood teether makes a great baby shower gift or gift for any occasion!

If you’re looking for just the wood teether pendants, you can order that from us as well. Visit our wood teether pendant page to view all of our fun shapes. We offer bulk buying discounts as well, so if you’re looking to purchase more than 10 wood teethers, contact us for a quote.

Fun Wood & Silicone Teethers

Along with our all natural wood teethers, we offer wood & silicone teether combos. One of the top selling Row + Me silicone and wood teethers is our Rainbow Cloud teether. The fun mix of the wood cloud shape and the silicone beads make it fun for your baby to carry and shake around. The best part though is every part is safe to chew on!

Another top selling silicone and wood teething toy is our coffee teether. Pictured is our pumpkin spice teether style, but you can also buy different styles with our wood coffee such as Caramel Macchiato and Hot Mocha!

Coffee Teethers Silicone Natural Wood

Another classic wood teether style is our Rose Gold Heart. Mixing our fun rose gold silicone beads with our cute heart wood teether, this is a perfect baby girl wood teether to buy!

Rose Gold Heart Natural Wood Teether

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