Football Teethers That Make Great Baby Gifts

Now that football season is back in full swing, we wanted to share our football teethers that also make great baby gifts! It isn’t always easy coming up with a baby shower gift that will truly surprise the mom to be, but our adorable football teethers make great gifts that are personal, functional, fun, and cute! We can make football teethers for any team, professional or college, and we can always customize our teethers if you’re looking to create your own. Send us a message to place a custom order!

Football Teethers

Row + Me offers different types of football teethers. As pictured above, you can buy a themed set of a football teether rattle, football freezer teether, or football themed pacifier clip. We also offer a football wooden teether shape so you can make your own custom teether. Whether you’re looking to get your baby ready to show off their team pride, or you’re looking for the best baby gift ever, our football teethers will be loved by all!

Row + Me football teethers are made with 100% food grade silicone beads and our products with wood use all natural beech wood. All of our products are safe, soft, and fun for babies to chew on! Read more about our teether safety.

Football Teams

We can make a football teether for any team you’d like. We make teethers for professional teams, college teams, and can customize our colors and letters to make the perfect teether for you! Want your baby’s name on the teether instead? We can do that!

Football Teether Rattle

Football Teether Rattle Silicone Wooden Teether

The Row + Me football teether rattle is one of the highest quality teethers you’ll ever see. We match our silicone beads to the correct team colors using our silicone round beads and silicone hexagon beads. The team name is made up of silicone letter beads that babies love to chew on especially! For the rattle part, we use our high quality beech wood hexagon beads and beech wood round rings. The result is a great baby gift that every baby will love playing with and chewing on, and it’s very easy for them to handle.

We are still currently adding listings for all teams, so if you do not see your team in our shop, send us a message through our contact form to place a custom order! Reminder that we can do any team, whether professional, college, high school, etc!

Football Freezer Teether

Football Freezer Teether Silicone Beads

The Row + Me football freezer teethers are one of our best sellers! These are made with our awesome silicone football beads and our silicone round and hexagon beads to match the team colors. If one of the team colors is black, we also use our black letter beads to help the teether theme. You can find for sale individually, or you can buy the whole matching football team collection! You can also find more teethers on the Row + Me Etsy Shop!

Football Pacifier Clip

Football Pacifier Clip Silicone Beads

Also part of the Row + Me football teether collection is our football pacifier clip! Made with silicone round beads matching the team colors along with our silicone football bead, beech wood hexagon bead, and our beech wood clip. Our football pacifier clip is another best seller that will have everyone asking where you bought it!

Custom Football Teether

If you cannot find the team you’re looking for in our website shop please send us a message through or Contact Form to place a custom order. Here at Row + Me, we only make the highest quality products using the highest quality items. Your baby will absolutely love chewing on their football teether!

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