Best Teething Toys For Your Baby

When your baby is teething you will definitely want to get them something they can chew on safely. So you might be asking, what are the best teething toys? Here are a few requirements the best teething toys MUST meet:

  • Be made of materials that are all safe to chew on
  • Be made of high quality products that can hold up to teeth
  • Fun to chew on
  • Fun to play with
  • Easy to clean

 Luckily, Row + Me teethers meet and exceed these requirements! Row + Me was created to make the best teething toys for my son Rowan and also for your little ones!

Want to see what are some of the best teethers I have available? Head on over to the Row + Me shop. I also have some fun custom and personalized teether options so you can create a one of a kind baby teether.

Why Does Row + Me Make The Best Teething Toys?

Row + Me was created so I could make baby teethers for my baby boy, Rowan (I also make lots of teethers for my nieces!) I use the same materials for their teething toys as I will for your baby, so rest assured I only use the highest quality and safest teething products! I’ll go over the requirements for the best teething toys again and provide more info.

Teethers Must Be Safe To Chew On

This requirement is the number one priority. I only make my baby teethers out of products that are 100% safe to be in your baby’s mouth. My silicone teethers are made from 100% food grade silicone, meaning it’s purpose built for being around mouths. It’s the same silicone material that you see in baby plates, baby utensils, etc. My silicone teethers are safe to chew on because this food grade silicone is soft on baby’s gums and teeth, but durable as well.

My wood items are made of beech wood and natural wood. It is not treated with anything and sanded smooth so they’re safe to hold and chew on. The great thing about my wood products is they’re made of wood that is naturally antibacterial (and so are my silicone beads). What this means is the surfaces are not great for bacteria to multiply, so any nasty germs just die off naturally.

Teethers Must Be High Quality

I source all of my materials from only high quality sources. Does this cost more money? Yes, it does cost more, but the safety of our babies is the number one priority, so it is worth paying for quality. Any item that doesn’t meet my standards for giving to my son Rowan gets tossed in the trash, I will never sell an item that I wouldn’t give to him! My silicone beads are made of 100% food grade silicone, the same material used in many kitchen items such as spatulas and food containers. My wood items are sanded to be baby smooth and made of natural beech wood, a durable and safe wood for teething.

Teethers Must Be Fun To Chew On

For a teether to be the best teething toy, it MUST be fun to chew on! Fortunately I have plenty of proof that they are! I have hundreds of happy customers that pass on the great news that their baby loves my Row + Me teethers!

I have a wide range of silicone bead shapes, wood beads, silicone pendants, wood teether pendants that can all be arranged in any way you want for your baby. This customization is another reason Row + Me makes the best teething toys.

Teethers Must Be Fun To Play With

You certainly can’t say you have the best teething toy if babies don’t want to play with it too! I offer lots of fun wood teether shapes and fun silicone shapes that can also be added to teething rings, or bought in whole collections so you get a matching teether set.

Teethers Must Be Easy To Clean

All of my teethers are very easy to clean! You can read my baby teether care guide for full instructions on how to maintain your baby teether to keep it clean and safe for your teething baby.

Custom Teething Toys

Row + Me offers many custom teether options. What could possibly be a better teething toy than one you custom design for your baby or for a baby shower gift? I offer many fun color combinations for baby girls and baby boys. Hundreds of silicone bead colors, multiple wood bead options, silicone letter beads in white and black, fun confetti, camo, tye dye beads, etc! If you want a custom teether made for any occasion (especially a baby shower gift) send me a message!

Row + Me Makes The Best Teething Toys

Row + Me makes the best teethers for babies because I make them safe, use high quality materials, they’re fun to chew on and play with, and easy to clean! I make a range of teethers including rattles, freezer teethers, teething rings, custom teethers and more!

My prices are the best you’ll find for the quality of teethers I offer. My son is teething right now (his two little bottom teeth are so cute!) and he chews on my products I make for him all day. Feel free to add a freezer teether to your order as well to add extra soothing for your baby’s gums.

You can also check out my Instagram and Facebook where I run giveaways and specials throughout the year!

Thanks for shopping with Row + Me, Rowan and I appreciate it so much! Let me know what you think of our teething products in the comments below!

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