5 Best Baby Christmas Teethers For 2022

5 Best Baby Christmas Teethers

With Christmas 2022 fast approaching, it’s time to start Christmas shopping for the babies in your life! Row + Me has a lot of fun Christmas teethers this year. We’ve made a list of our favorites, so here are the 5 best baby Christmas teethers for 2022! All of our Christmas and holiday themed teethers are made from 100% food grade silicone, making them fun and safe for your baby to chew on.

1. Santa Teether

First on our list of the best Christmas teethers for 2022 is our newest Santa teether collection! You can buy the collection which includes a Santa teething ring and a matching Santa pacifier clip (small discount for the collection), or each item individually. The teething ring can also be replaced with a clip. If you just want the Santa teether silicone pendant, you can buy that separately too!

2. Snowman Teether

Next on our list is another one of our newest teethers, Similar to our Santa collection, the Snowman teether collection includes a teething ring with a snowman silicone pendant as well as a matching silicone pacifier clip. The snowman teether has a more classic Christmas themed color scheme, so if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas pacifier clip, this is the listing for you!

3. Christmas Silicone Rattles

Third on our list of the best Christmas teethers for 2022 is our original Christmas teether collection from last year. These are all silicone teethers which allows you to put them in the freezer! This makes them a little extra special since they are multipurpose. The great thing about silicone teethers in your freezer is they do not get rock solid, and they don’t get ice cube cold. This makes them safe to chew on and hold immediately after taking it out of the freezer.

Teethers made of only silicone are also extremely easy the clean! You can rinse them off directly in the sink, or put some baby safe soap on it too. Since there’s no wood, you don’t need to be careful to keep any part dry. Supplies on these teethers are very limited, so don’t wait to buy!

4. Penguin Teether

Another returning Christmas teether for us in 2022 is our Holiday Penguin teether! This adorable penguin comes as a collection of a silicone teething ring along with a matching pacifier clip, or you can buy each teething toy separately, including just the penguin silicone pendant. We absolutely love the hat and scarf on this adorable penguin pendant!

5. Christmas Teether Silicone Pendants

To round out our top 5 best Christmas teethers for 2022, we have ALL of our Christmas teether silicone pendants! This includes the following silicone teethers: snowman, Santa, penguin, star cookie, snowflake, Christmas tree, and reindeer. While most of these come in collections you can buy as well, it’s also just fun to have a silicone teether to chew on!

All of these can go into the freezer to help cool them down and provide extra soothing for your teething baby! Our son Rowan absolutely loves his snowflake since it gives him so many edges to chew on and helps reach some of his back teeth.

Don’t delay in shopping for Christmas teethers for your baby since supplies are limited!

Personalized Christmas Teethers

Do you absolutely love one of our Christmas pendants but want to personalize it? We can help make that happen! We can add names to our Christmas teethers with our silicone letter beads, which we think would make an excellent Christmas baby gift! We can customize the color schemes too if you were looking to switch up themes. For any custom teether requests, just send us a message!

We can add names to any of the teether rings, pacifier clips, or silicone rattles.

Which of our baby Christmas teethers is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below and please share this article with any friends and family you think will enjoy our products! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from us at Row + Me!

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